Maintenance Method of Plastic Hollow Hlow Molding Machine

July 19, 2021

Latest company news about Maintenance Method of Plastic Hollow Hlow Molding Machine

1. Maintenance of the main components of the bottle blowing machine. Mainly include a series of environmental protection such as moisture-proof and anti-corrosion of electronic control components, convenient and stable protection of switching and access between lines, and maintenance of circuit working voltage and current that are stable and in compliance with regulations; part of the lubrication and friction of components, load-bearing fracture and tightness between screw posts Maintenance; maintenance of the stability of the hydraulic system, component renewal, working and storage temperature, and dust cleaning.


2. Maintenance of other related parts. Mainly include the electric heater circuit connection around the material pipe and cleanliness maintenance; the temperature and oil pressure of the working environment of the cooler, and the cleaning problems when waiting for work.


3. Use and operation of the base. The operator should completely align the nozzle of the equipment with the material inlet to prevent accidental damage to the heating plate, heating wire, etc. and waste of material resources.


In addition to the thermal fixing and cleaning of the electric board circuit in the above item, the following daily maintenance is required during the use of the bottle blowing machine: temperature system check, engine system normal operation check, cylinder pressure check, raw material purity check, power cut Preventive inspection of potential safety hazards such as electric leakage.


Regarding the maintenance and troubleshooting of the bottle blowing machine, you should pay more attention to daily inspections and maintenance to prevent emergencies and clear the source in time, and prescribe the right medicine; when the failure occurs, the power supply should be cut off and the operation should be stopped; the relevant should be submitted in time after the failure is resolved The report should be traced back to the source and have a teacher for reference. In addition, it is necessary to be equipped with or be able to find professionals in time to handle the inspection, maintenance, operation and repair of the equipment in a timely manner. Only in this way can the root cause be found quickly and effectively, emergency situations can be handled, the blow molding machine can be used, and the overall efficiency can be improved.

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